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Blowing up End Crystals and a Minecraft Baseball Field

Gold shows off his Cubs Stadium creation in progress. We then check out his house that is also in progress. Suddenly he pulls out an End Crystal and blows up one side of his house. We blow up a few more things, but then it starts to rain. As the sun goes down we say […]

Laughing at Dad Playing Minecraft

I make a fool of myself while playing Minecraft in my old Minecraft worlds. I used to play on Hypertic Nova, and have my own creative world on my phone that my kids thought was funny to watch me play in; and some cool stuff with too. Here’s another video of my kids laughing at […]

How to Build a Budget Gaming or Video Editing Computer

I built up my computer so I could have something better to game on, and edit videos on.   How to Build a Gaming Computer on a Budget: My Parts list: Old Computer with monitor, keyboard, and mouse = $50 (HP 2210m monitor, 6 year old Costco Computer) EVGA 500W – $40 ASUS mother board – […]

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