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Catalina State Park

Catalina State Park, Tucson, Arizona, and Mod Pizza

We stopped off at Arizona’s Catalina State Park after visiting the Camping World in Tucson and then headed to Mod Pizza on Oro Valley. We didn’t explore much, but it looks like it’s mostly just a camping and hiking park. The kids loved seeing the snakes in the visitor’s center, along with the other toys. […]

A Farmer, a Market, and a Playground – Our Search for Better Food

My wife has been trying to detox our family for the last year or so (Her Blog). As part of her mission, she found this couple who are on a tour of America seeking out small farmers who do things naturally and organically and sustainably. This last weekend they just happened to be in the […]

Boca Taqueria, Mesa, AZ

We had dinner at Boca Taqueria with the wife’s family. It’s great food, and everyone in Mesa know Jeff.

If Casey Neistat Went Shopping For Groceries

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I’ve been enjoying watching YouTube videos on Casey Neistat’s channel for the last month, and as I try to get more into YouTube video creation myself, I’m trying to find my style. Where better to start then to mimic such a big video making genius, as […]

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