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Horne Company,  Well I feel really dumb. after reading further I answered my own question.             Leaving Liverpool, they sailed 28 March 1857, taking passage on the ship “George Washington”, with 616 members.  He came to America with J.P. Parks as leader of the company and with him came his wife and two daughters and landed […]

1861 Horne Company  this is  a cool link, it shows Henry in the Horne Company. Do we know how they came from England to Florence Neb? Now Omaha.

2014 Hollist Reunion.

There is currently some talk about a 2014 Hollist Family reunion.  If you are interested in participating, you can join the discussion on Facebook: Hollist Family Reunion 2014

Perception is often not reality

 Are you the center of the Universe? Certainly that notion is ridiculous to anyone who has a basic understanding of the world we live in and even more so if you understand the Solar System, Galaxy or even what little we know so far about the Universe. However, let’s say the Universe is infinitely big, […]

Creamy Chicken Stew

Ingredients: 1 box Tuna Helper.3 cups water + 2 half cans to clean out “soup cans”.1 12.5 oz can of shredded chicken1.5 cups shredded mild cheddar cheese1 soup can of Cream of Chicken1 soup can of Cream of Mushroom.2 12 oz bags of frozen vegetables. (Cut cream beans and chopped broccoli works great) Cooking instructions: Put […]

My favorite Book of Mormon hero.

Captain Moroni first appears in Alma 43:16: Now, the leader of the Nephites, or the man who had been appointed to be the chief captain over the Nephites – now the chief captain took the command of all the armies of the Nephites – and his name was Moroni Alma 48:11-12, Alma 60:36: And Moroni […]

Seth Hollist answers Women League of Voters Questionnaire

Seth Hollist’s responses to the Collin County Women League of Voters, 2012 primary elections questionnaire Occupation: Information Backup and Recovery Specialist, Political Columnist for Campaign Phone: 972-413-TX32 Web Site: Email: Answers were limited to 1000 characters, leaving insufficient room for a full answer to some questions. What training, experience, and attributes qualify […]

Rambling Political Thoughts by Seth Hollist

The real problem with the Federal Reserve, is not that it exists, but that it is a private corporation operating as a governmental protected monopoly with little accountability or oversight. The answer is not to “End the Fed”, but to end the unconstitutional “Legal Tender” laws, and get congress back into the business of setting […]

How I differ from Texas Libertarians

This is a list of areas were I differ slightly from, or would add additional details or clarifications to the Library Party of Texas’s 2010 Party Platform.  This list may seem long, but I do, for the most part, agree with the Libertarian’s much more so then any other political party I’ve had the opportunity […]

Thing I wish they had tought me in High School

Practical Self-Defense Running around a track for 30 minutes every other day, or playing games like Volleyball, certainly helped with the physical fitness aspects of things, but does nothing to help us understand how to protect ourselves from other potentially physically damaging encounters.  Certainly I had health classes that at least attempted to teach me […]

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