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YouTube Advertising Boycott Explained – The real reason for the ads stop…

Many companies have stopped there advertising on YouTube due to unfounded fears of getting associated with content they do not support. This lack of understand of how social media, and YouTube ads work, on the part of the companies placing the ads, has caused YouTube to have to take drastic actions.

The Hypocrisy of Blame

Was Trump really “wire-taped”? Did the Russians really influence or hack the 2016 election? Did the CIA do it? Was there a DNC leak? What does Wiki Leaks have to do with it? What does real corruption look like? Why do we need corporate welfare? What is Trump really doing, and where did we get […]

Going OFF GRID Can I Legally?

Stop Worrying About Who the Next President Will Be!

For more details check out:

Saturday August 16 – John Taylor Hollist Reunion Shepard Park Pavillion – Farmington, Utah reserved from noon – 6:30 p.m. Details to follow    Any questions or suggestions please call John Hollist @ 208-520-4500 or Martha Rushforth @801-546-0036

Liverpool to Boston on the George Washington. Here is a account of Henry and Elizabeth with Deborah. Go to Find Mormon Migration Brigham Young University, Then on its search engine type in  boston on the george washington, Then click on Liverpool to Boston on the George Washington (28 Mar 1857 – 20 Apr 1857) Y The you find a […]

Elizabeth Hollist Story  Life of Elizabeth Hollist Contributed By natebarrett · 2013-02-26 23:40:27 GMT+0000 (UTC) · 0 Comments Life of Elizabeth Hollist StingerI was born in Lambeth, Middlesex, England on February 14, 1842. My father was Henry Hollist. He was a carpenter and followed stair building (circular stairs). My mother was Elizabeth Chandler. We were in pretty […],_West_Sussex William born in 1777 was in the Town of Amberly, a bigger Town if you would like to see go to Google Earth and type in Amberley, Sussex,, England.

North Stoke, Sussex,, England   If you would like to see the town where Willaim Hollist was born, go to Google earth and type in North Stoke, Sussex,, England.  There is a church there and I have emailed a Revd. David Addison to see if he could give us more information about the family that was there. If we […]

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