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Flattening TacoMaria’s Pinch Weld.

When putting bigger tires on a Gen1 or 2 Tacoma… you tend to have issues with the front wheels rubbing on what is commonly referred to as the “Pinch Weld”. It’s what holds the fender to the cab, and tends to stick out just a little to far so that when turning while compressing the […]

2009 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree

I was at the 2009 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree this last weekend. Just like last year, I got a lot of photos and had some good fun. I was originally going to head out Thursday afternoon, but after spending too much time getting ready, and taking care of other things at home (not to mention […]

2008 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree

Just some pictures of of the 2008 Lone Star Toyota Jamboree held at the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area in Gilmer, TX from January 17th-20th. Camping Spot FJC’s Top of the trail Rock Garden Sunset Awards and Raffle Back to Negro’s Home Page – Posted by Spaldam

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