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What makes a great leader?

I had an opportunity to give a lesson in church last weekend to a group of Priesthood men known as the congregations “Elders Quorum“. The lesson focused on priesthood leadership and the proper type of motivation required. This also reaffirmed a belief I have about our public servants, and even business managers and leaders, in […]

Money Related Scriptures

References in the Scriptures related to Money Old Testament Genesis 14:18-20 – TithingGenesis 28:22 – TithingGenesis 41:35-36 – SavingsExodus 1:11 – To get GainExodus19:5 – God owns the earthExodus 23:8 – Bribes are badLeviticus 27:30-34 – TithingDeuteronomy 8:17-18 – We owe everything to GodDeuteronomy 14:22,28 – TithingDeuteronomy 26:12 – TithingDeuteronomy 28:12 – The Lord gives […]

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