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Who’s Rich enough to be taxed?

I was listening to talk radio the other day about how McCain and Obama were debating the “rich” mark for tax rates, in regards to were you draw the line for determining who deserves a higher tax rate. Apparently Obama said 250K a year was the line, and McCain replied with a sarcastic remark about […]

Money Related Scriptures

References in the Scriptures related to Money Old Testament Genesis 14:18-20 – TithingGenesis 28:22 – TithingGenesis 41:35-36 – SavingsExodus 1:11 – To get GainExodus19:5 – God owns the earthExodus 23:8 – Bribes are badLeviticus 27:30-34 – TithingDeuteronomy 8:17-18 – We owe everything to GodDeuteronomy 14:22,28 – TithingDeuteronomy 26:12 – TithingDeuteronomy 28:12 – The Lord gives […]

Tithing: A talk I gave in church

I was asked to speak in church this sunday with the topic being on Tithing.  Here are my notes from that talk: Sacrifice: Tithing is a fundamental principle to the personal happiness and well-being of Church members both rich and poor. It is a sacrifice that the lord expects us to make. In old Testament times the Lords people […]

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