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Super Tuesday not so super with still no clear winner for GOP nomination

Despite Romney appearing to win most states, Santorum, Paul and Gingrich still won enough to keep the the contest going strong. While Romney still continues to pull ahead of the pack, his movement is not dramatic enough to paint him as the clear winner; especially with Gingrich still in the race, winning Georgia, and Santorum […]

Ron Paul supporters organize City Wide Sign Wave in Dallas and surrounding areas

If you were traveling around the Dallas area today, you might have spotted some people on a corner somewhere waving a Ron Paul sign. This was because the Ron Paul Dallas 2012 group organized a city wide sign wave today between 4-6 pm. The event was design to coordinate with the National Promote Ron Paul Day. Debbie McKee […]

2012 GOP Presidential Primary views, predictions, and rants.

With Super Tuesday less than two weeks away, and the final televised primary debate over, we have a close four-way GOP race between Gingrich, Romney, Santorum and Paul. Each candidate has their own issues with voters including: Santorum‘s religious rhetoric that won’t sit well with non-religionists and atheists; Gingrich’s baggage which will not sit well […]

Santorum surges with success in early Feb. caucuses, but still far behind.

Santorum surprised a lot of people this week when he gained 26 delegates in the Minnesota, Colorado, and Nevada Caucuses. Missouri also held caucuses, again putting Santorum on top, but they are considered non-binding. AP via Google Search So far the delegate totals (both pledged and un-pledged – granted that many of these are projections) […]

Florida primary gives Romney a boost, Paul and Santorum falling behind.

Today Florida primary is going to make a lot of Texan’s disappointed as Ron Paul has a poor showing and Romney pulls ahead. Listening to the buzz around Texas, on the radios and talking to people, I’ve found very few tend to like Romney, but many are hard core Paul supporters. The rest seem to […]

Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney, O my… all in South Carolina

What do Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney all have in common? Each has now gotten the largest number of primary or caucus votes in a state: South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire respectively. However, if you look at the actual delegate count, Gingrich has gone from almost nothing to front runner in just the last few […]

New Hampshire primary results for GOP 2012 race, and who’s leading

Mitt Romney wins again, and this time with a much greater lead in percentages, but when looking at the Delegate count, according to CNN they are as follows: Romney 14 Paul 10 Santorum 7 Gingrich & Perry & Huntsman 2 Bachmann OUT Despite efforts by the Tea Party and Gingrich to discredit Romney with negative […]

Does Iowa’s caucus predict a win for Romney in 2012? What’s the aftermath?

EDIT: The original count was wrong, and the real winner is Rick Santorum with 25%, closely followed by Mitt Romney with 25%, and Ron Paul with 21%; however, they all still have the same number of delegates, so it seems to not be such a big deal after all… The Results are in and Mitt […]

The Saddle Up Texas 2012 Straw Poll – Jan 12-14, Huston Texas

The 2012 Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll initiative is trying to provide constitutionally-grounded Texans a voice in the 2012 Presidential Primary race before the traditional bias of the early caucus/primary States sets in. The three-day straw poll will take place January 12 -14 at Minute Maid Park, in Houston, Texas. This even is geared towards […]

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