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Humm… My Binary Code doesn’t work for some reason… 110011010100010101011010010100111011012110… Wait… What’s this “2” crap?!? – S.J. Hollist

A Shish Kabob

There was once a man named Seth, who didn’t know how to rest. So he started a blog, and ate a shish kabob. What a day that was, but don’t worry there will be more to come. – S.J. Hollist

The Unknown Author

I’m starting this blog in hopes that some day my fans will want to come here. Why would anyone want to be a fan of mine, you ask? I like to write, and hopefully someday that will equate to a new career direction for me. Hopefully I say, because it’s certainly not an easy field […]


To my beloved MarshaThe one you find once in a life timeThe one I hope finds meThe one I think ofThe one I hope thinks of meThe one I hope to be worthy forThe one I hope is worthy for meThe one I dream ofThe one I hope dreams of meThe one that makes me […]

My Queen

You are my queen The apple of my eye You make things seem Like glory on high Your smile it gleams Like the suns own rays You are my sunshine Turning night into day You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When the skies are grey You may never know How […]

A Psalm unto Marsha

To the Beauty of my LifeWhat a Miracle in MeetingWhat a Beacon of HappinessTo the Woman that I Love – S.J. Hollist

An Eternity in Your Eyes

How did I get here?! Staring into a universe so beautiful And not just one, but two I am lost in wonder Helplessly draw into your eyes Wondering when life will start again. Mesmerized and Hypnotized. Hoping life will never be the same. Hoping you and I will remain. Hoping for more then I know […]

The Keyboard

The Keyboard is my InstrumentThe computer is my FriendIt understands my InstrumentAnd interprets what I’ve conceivedThe Monitor is my VisionIt shows me what I’ve seenIt let’s me know it sees my VisionThe vision that I’ve conceived The mouse is fun sometimes But isn’t nice to meI throw it threw the window sometimes But then it […]

Stupid Trees

Shoveling threw the snowSun on my backMelting & drippingShoveling, shoveling throw the yardShoveling over to grandmothers houseAround & around, boy this blowsMuscles aching & stomach crankingAround & around we goOnce were done, with all this funThe snow drops from the trees – S.J. Hollist

Belonging to Us

Jungly flat islandLooking out to the seaFrom high upDown to the coral reefLanding spot Beyond falls and cliffsTrail gash in the treeEyes shiningMouths openTriumphant friendsLooking out over there realm Inspired by Lord of The Flies – S.J. Hollist

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