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How to fix Election Disenfranchisement in the U.S.A.

Recently I received a call from a political action group – which will remain unnamed – trying to allow anyone to vote in primary elections. I thought this was strange because from what I know, anyone over the age of 18, who’s a U.S.A. citizen, hasn’t been convicted of a felony, and who’s willing to […]

My letter to Obama

Although I do worry about some of the things Obama has on his agenda, that most Democrats (who now have majority control of congress) will likely support, I actually have found myself felling better about him then Mr. McCain. I never liked McCain (even being a moderately-conservative republican-leaning voter) as a presidential Candidate and never […]

The Problem with Politics

I wrote the following in response to a post made on a Political discussion board meant for use by residents of my HOA. The original poster felt there was a need for term limits on Congressmen just as there is for the President. —- What needs to happen is that we need to vote them […]

2001 Freemen Party Platform

We believe that a people who are free to govern themselves, and are properly educated in the matters of science religion and family, are more capable of knowing how best to run their respective societies then a single central government. We recognize the purpose and need for a central government, but believe it is to […]

Should Affirmative Action be Abolished?

I have a dream, that one day our world will rise up and live out the true meaning of liberty and equality. I have a dream that one day we will longer no label each other by our race or ethnic background, but rather by our merits and culture. I have a dream that one […]

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