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Polygamy in Politics

The Associated Press released a story this week about Polygamy and Elections in Utah; specifically for the office of Utah Attorney General. I found two source for the article, and I’m sure there are more: ComcastBay News 9 I’ve posted a few comments of my own on the matter of Polygamy and how it relates […]

An Atheist’s Questions to Mormons

From: Daniel Womack has got some great answers to your questions, though I have to agree with others and say that debating these kinds of questions will not help anyone understand one bit what “Mormon’s” actually believe. And I put “Mormon’s” in quotes for good reason; it’s a nickname. Personally I prefer to be […]


I wrote this document in a writing class I had a few years ago, but revised it here for format and additional content. The purpose of this document is to show the differences between the two best known “Latter Day Saint Movement” churches (as some would like to call it – not me, but it […]

Mormons in Politics

It’s amazing that even in today‚Äôs society of “political correctness” and tolerance, that so many people would make such a big deal about Mitt Romney (see for more information about him). I guess when you running for president, everything about you becomes a big deal, but the last time a presidential candidates religion became […]

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