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The evils of watching too much TV

“Traditional Jews long understood that the home is not just a dorm and restaurant: It is the center of the child’s world, and it is the heart of the family. As such, it demands protection. Heart infections kill. Influences that are only offensive on the streets can be deadly in the den . . . […]

Shall we partake of the “ism”‘s?

A video from 1948, that at time time seemed far fetched, but today it seems to be happening:

Identity Protection

In this digital world it has become increasingly easy to copy just about anything; including your identity. So how do you protect yourself? Here’s some tips: Review your credit card and bank statements regularly for suspicious activity. Request your Credit report at least once a year. Examine it for accounts you did not open. Keep […]

Merging of Technology

As the web continues to emerge from a monolog into a dialog, my thoughts turn to other technologies. Will TV, Phone, Computers, and Internet all eventually merge into a single platform for information, entertainment, and communications? Many people are already receiving all of these technologies from a single carrier threw cable or fiber optics being […]

How to desolve the Federal Reserve system

How to dissolve the Federal Reserve system Reference: The Creature from Jeckyll Island by Edward Griffin Pages 574-588 Hopefully you are reading this in an attempt to better understand what can be done about the Federal Reserve System and the corrupted powers behind it. If you are unaware of any reason or need to abolish […]

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