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National NDAA protest day in Dallas, Texas at Pegasus Plaza

Today, February 3rd, 2012, across the United States, people have been out protesting section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act; quietly signed into law by Barak Obama on New Years eve. In Dallas people from a number of freedom loving groups, including the Libertarian Party, Tea Party, Texas Liberty Campaign, Dallas Activism for Ron […]

My letter to Obama

Although I do worry about some of the things Obama has on his agenda, that most Democrats (who now have majority control of congress) will likely support, I actually have found myself felling better about him then Mr. McCain. I never liked McCain (even being a moderately-conservative republican-leaning voter) as a presidential Candidate and never […]

A letter to my State Senator

Subject: Re: Weapons Restrictions Amendments     Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 23:01:37 -0700    From: Spaldam        To: John Valentine John Valentine wrote: (proceeded by “>”) >Dear Mr. Spaldam, >Thank you for your letter expressing concern about additional gun >control.  I appreciate you. taking the time and effort to contact me on >this issue.  As […]

Bad Gun Laws

Currently, in Utah, there is a petition to have an act voted on next year. This act would prevent concealed weapons’ permit holders from carrying guns into schools. What is that going to do to stop a non-“concealed weapons’ permit holder”/criminal from taking a weapon into a school? How are all the law-abiding people inside […]

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