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October 2017 General Conference Traditions

My 2 favorite weekends every year, general conference weekend! My church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints holds a conference every April and October, when we are blessed to hear from our Apostle and leaders of our church. There are three sessions on Saturday and two sessions on Sunday. Growing up we had […]

State Park #1 – Jerome State Historic Park

Our very first park Saturday I’m so bummed. We went to our first state park back in July. I somehow managed to miss a picture with the kids and the sign. We did manage a family selfie. Jerome State Historic Park is an old mansion that has a ghost narrating a movie! The Junior Ranger […]

State Park #2 – Tonto Natural Bridge

Arizona has 35 state parks!┬áThat will keep us busy for a while. Arizona is a pretty cool place to live, this is not totally new information. I grew up here, if you can get through the sweltering summers, the rest of the year is quite nice. Standing back I’m realizing we have 22 national and […]

National Park #1 – Tonto

Quality Time – Tonto National Monument Saturday, September 2nd, My –th birthday. I’ll let you fill in the blank. I like traveling. Might be my only talent…Roadtripping. I have a goal of visiting all the National Parks. So for my birthday, we drove to the closest National Park to our home. Tonto National Monument. This […]

National Park #2 – Casa Grande Ruins

Quality time – Casa Grande Ruins National Monument   We woke up at our normal time. I fussed at everyone to hurry up…made smoothies and ate breakfast and headed out the door. Drove about an hour and a half to the next closest national park, Casa Grande Ruins We stamped our passport book for the […]

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