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Recent reactions to new scandal around Climate Change.

Recently e-mails were leaked from British climate science center, the climate unit at the University of East Anglia. The University said it would investigate whether some of the data used to show global warming and climate change may have been manipulated. Reportedly certain bits of data have been left out or “modified”.  Director Phil Jones […]

Cap-and-Trade not as affective as eating less meat

Based on an Article by Senator John Cornyn, “the oil-and-gas industry . . . [employs] More than 300,000 Texans . . . [generating] nearly 7 percent of the wages . . .”. He goes on to describe how new tax proposals would impose more then $30 billion in new taxes over the next 10 years, and […]

Oil Crisis? Why?

Ever Heard of the Bakken Formation? Well you have now. We actually have a great deal of oil reserves right here in the good old USA. So why aren’t we using it? Could it be the same reason the democratically controlled congress has refused time and again to allow energy legislation in this country to […]

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