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The Real threat of Monitary Inflation

Most financial experts know that keeping the interest rates low and deficit spending high spells certain inflationary trends, as borrowing money is so cheap, it encourages expansion of the monetary supply and thus inflation.  We saw this recently with the Housing market bubble that burst just a few years ago.  People were feverishly buying houses […]

What it takes to get a President in the Classroom

Here is what Obama needs set up to talk to a few school children: Here’s What Bush needed to talk to a few school children: I wonder what the reason for the differences are? Maybe it has something to do with the kind of books Obama likes to read:

Obama’s Economy

Thanks to Glen for posting this, it reminded me of the old 80’s sitcom: Is Obama really responsible for the current state of the economy. I’d have to say no, but he certainly hasn’t helped the stock market or anyone with any kind of investments. so it must be Bush’s fault then right? I’d say […]

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