YouTube Advertising Boycott Explained - The real reason for the ads stop...

Many companies have stopped there advertising on YouTube due to unfounded fears of getting associated with content they do not support. This lack of understand of how social media, and YouTube ads work, on the part of the companies placing the ads, has caused YouTube to have to take drastic actions.

The Hypocrisy of Blame

Was Trump really "wire-taped"? Did the Russians really influence or hack the 2016 election? Did the CIA do it? Was there a DNC leak? What does Wiki Leaks have to do with it? What does real corruption look like? Why do we need corporate welfare? What is Trump really doing, and where did we get the ideas from?

Will Trump get impeached? Has he broken the law? Will Trump get reelected? Why does Wall Street like Trump so much?

How does Coal fit into our energy needs? Do we have an energy crisis? How does nuclear power fit into our energy production? Is clean energy really practical?

How much does the president really have to do with the economy? Why did the Federal Reserve keep interests rates so low?

What jobs are available and not being filled? Why do we have a job deficit?