Florida primary gives Romney a boost, Paul and Santorum falling behind.

Today Florida primary is going to make a lot of Texan's disappointed as Ron Paul has a poor showing and Romney pulls ahead. Listening to the buzz around Texas, on the radios and talking to people, I've found very few tend to like Romney, but many are hard core Paul supporters. The rest seem to mostly favor Gingrich or Santorum. Tea Partyers will also not be pleased.
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The Florida primary is a winner takes all state, and with Romney getting just short of half the votes, he gets another 50 pledged delegates leaving the totals as follows:
Still this is a far cry from the 1144 required to get the nomination, and not even half of the 155 delegates that Texas has to offer. Yet the Texas primary is still not for another two months, if the new districts can be determined by then. Some specific dates to look forward to are listed below:
  • Feb. 4 Nevada caucus, Maine caucus begins (through Feb. 11)
  • Feb. 7 Colorado and Minnesota caucuses, Missouri primary
  • Feb. 11 Maine presidential caucus ends
  • Feb. 22 Republican debate in Mesa, Arizona
  • Feb. 28 Arizona and Michigan primaries
  • March 1 Republican debate in Georgia
  • March 3 Washington caucuses
  • March 6 “Super Tuesday” primaries and caucuses, including: Ohio, Massachusetts, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Idaho, Alaska, and North Dakota.
  • March 19 Republican debate in Portland, Oregon
  • April 3 District of Columbia, Maryland, Texas, and Wisconsin Primaries.
  • June 5 California, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, and New Jersey Primaries.
  • Aug. 27-30 Republican convention in Tampa, Florida
  • Sept. 3-6 Democratic convention, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Oct. 3 Presidential debate in Denver, Colorado
  • Oct. 11 Vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky
  • Oct. 16 Presidential debate in Hempstead, New York
  • Oct. 22 Presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida
  • Nov. 6 Election Day

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