LDS Chruch Sends Food and Medical Supplies to Haiti

The LDS Church released the following statement regarding the earthquake in Haiti:

We express our sympathy and prayers on behalf of the citizens of Haiti following the recent devastating earthquake. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is immediately shipping humanitarian relief, including personal hygiene kits and supplies for newborns. Efforts are underway to determine further humanitarian response in coordination with government and disaster relief organizations. Donations for relief efforts can be made at
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been working diligently since the disaster to provide aid to the people of Haiti through its humanitarian aid program. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of relief supplies have arrived already, and more are being shipped.

In a statement published on the Church’s official Web site, Church President Thomas S. Monson and counselors Henry B. Eyring and Dieter F. Uchtdorf appealed to church members to help the people in Haiti, noting that more aid is needed. Thanks to those donations and the efforts of the Church, three air shipments of aid provided by the Church have arrived and are being used in Haiti included a total of nearly 225,000 pounds of relief supplies. The Church provided the transportation for one of those flights, and CARE and United Airlines provided transport for the other two.

Islamic Relief USA, has donated the cost of transporting additional supplies via the Dominican Republic to Haiti, and has also been distributing clean drinking water to Haitians in Port-au-Prince. These shipments will include another 160,000 pounds of supplies donated by the Church, including medical equipment, blankets, quilts, first aid kits, water filtration bottles, wheelchairs, and special kits designed to help with newborn and hygiene needs. Pallets of supplies specially designed for orphanages will also be in the shipment.

In addtion to the supplies, a team of Latter-day Saint doctors are already on the ground in Haiti assisting in the recovery effort, and 5,000 Haitians are being sheltered at Church buildings throughout Port-au-Prince.

It reminds me of Luke 21:11 were it says "great earthquakes shall be in divers places", as being one of the signs of the Latter Days.

Listing of upcoming candidate forums in both Dallas and Collin county

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
  7 p.m.  Candidate Forum for Texas House District 66
(Brian McCall's seat)
Hosted by Tea Party groups.  Location TBD
Stay Tuned For More Information Here

Monday, February 1, 2010
 7 - 9 p.m.  Collin County Conservative Republicans
Host Candidate Forum #1
McKinney Collin College Conference Center
2200 W University Drive (Hwy 380) in McKinney

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
  7 - 9 p.m.  Collin County Conservative Republicans
Host Candidate Forum #2
McKinney Collin College Conference Center
2200 W University Drive (Hwy 380) in McKinney
Campus Map

Saturday, February 6, 2010
  7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Greater Dallas Republican 2010 Candidate Forum
Governor - U.S. Senate - State Senate
Edison’s, 1724 Cockrell Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75215
For More Information Go Here

Texas GOP gubernatorial debate review

Last Thursday Debra Medina RN, Governor Perry, and Senator Hutchison went head to head to express their differances and explain why each felt they would be the best candidate to lead the Texas Republican Party in the 2010 Governors race.  For a full video of the debat see
Long standing governor, Rick Perry, did not seem to be at his best, but rather seemed unable to give a direct answer to many of his very direct questions.  He was even made to appear as though he was out of touch with the facts.  Whether he was or not, he certainly didn't make a good showing, nor seem to have the facts available to back him up. At one point in the debate he almost acted like he was defeated, seemingly not knowing much about the Texas Advanced Directives Act, nor making much of an effort to outlaw abortion despite claiming to be strongly pro life. About the only thing I liked about his responses, was his concerted effort to keep his answers on a positive note.
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison came across as more polished and possibly the best debater among the group; however, she also reeked of the in-bedded career politician that movements like the Tea Party are trying to remove from office. While she seemed to have an underlying theme of wanting to fight against big government's socialized programs, she still showing her desires to keep some federal laws enforced rather then truly working to restore state's rights. For some reason she doesn't seem to want to remain a Senator, and continue the great work she seemed so willing to toot her own horn over. So far she has been unwilling to remove herself from her current office to focus on the gubernatorial race, which only further goes to show her tendency towards being a career politician. This will undoubtedly split her focus between "protecting us" from big government and winning what is likely to be a tough gubernatorial race. She claims that she will resign from her senatorial position, but when? I would suggest she do it now if she truly wants a chance at winning the GOP nomination.
Debra Medina, a Registered Nurse and Wharton County Republican Party Chair, seemed the most real, but also a bit inexperienced in her debating skills. She seemed to give the most direct answers without too much need to explain her positions nor to apologize for seemingly unfavorable ideas. She seemed to know some facts about what is going on in Texas, and gave what she genuinely seems to believe are the right answers to the problems we Texas is facing. The most interesting of her ideas are to replace property taxes with a state wide sales tax; a move she claims would improve personal freedom during a time when the vast majority of people's property taxes are actually paid by their mortgage lenders; replacing it with a tax that would undoubtedly change peoples spending habit resulting in a detrimental fall in business during a time when revenues from already existing state sales taxes are down considerably.
Based on the changes in polling numbers I'd say Debra was the likely winner of this debate, though she still has a long ways to go, and less then two months to get there.

Texas candidates have been determined for March 2 primary

The Dallas Tea Party has been tooting their own horn this last week, and for good reason.  Their efforts have managed to muster up some seemingly good challenges for the upcoming March 2nd primary elections; mostly for the Republicans but also a few on the Democratic side.
The Republican party will likely be where the big battles are for Texas Candidates across the state with many incumbents being challenged.
According the Dallas Morning News, "11 of 20 Republicans have drawn challengers. In nearly every case, Tea Party connections are apparent."
In another article they also mention that, "Republicans, who hold a 77-73 edge, need to squelch potential fallout from an unusually large number of primary challenges . . . [17] Republican [State] House incumbents must shake off challenges in the March 2 primary . . . just three will have to face a Democrat if they survive. And 13 other Republicans who don't have a primary foe will face a Democrat in the fall"
The Democrats also have 4 contests to be determined for the Texas State congressional seats.
Libertarians are also claiming a large number of candidate filings, and there are even a large number of independents planning a run.  After the primaries, you can expect to see additional petitions show up for those trying to get ballot access.

I Hate My But

butt, and I cannot lie
You other brothers can't deny
When the wind starts to wain
And the temperature is a pain
You... Get... Chafed!!

- S.J. Hollist