TacoMaria - 2000 Tacoma v6 4x4

After selling the 2007 FJC (Negro) I bought a 2000 Tacoma v6, SR5, 4x4, manual hubs, automatic, and in great need of some TLC. The plan is to use it as my daily driver (a lot cheaper then the FJC was, or so I though it would be at first got it for about half of the listed NADA value at the time), but I also plan to take it off-road a few times a year on some moderate trails.

I knew from my initial inspection that the suspension need to be replaced, the tires were cheap but appeared usable, the windshield had to be replaced, the engine needed a tune up, and the exhaust was a bit rusty (and missing the cat).

I didn't take long before realizing that the engine was bad; it kept consuming coolant and over heating after about 30 minutes of driving. It turned out that one of the cylinder walls was cracked, so about $3k latter for fix up, and another $3k for suspension, wheels and tires, I was finally ready to start building up the truck during the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday.

Things I've done:
  • Suspension - Toytec coilovers, Blistin rear shocks, Wheelers Off-road Leaf Springs and accessories, Downey Shackles, new break lines, and some other miscellaneous accessories.
  • Electrical - Aftermarket Taillights, Stereo, HAM & CB radios, and wiring for an extra fuse box to run all the extra electrical add-ons.
  • Wheels & tires - Wheelers off-road black steal wheels, and some slightly used Goodyear MTR's 285/75/16.
  • Got an alignment, finished Hooking up the CB and HAM radios, Hooked up the GPS mount, and re-attached the factory skid plate. All just before heading out to the 2010 Lonestar Toyota Jamboree.
  • Got it another tune-up and a bunch of maintenance done on the replacement engine.
  • Trimmed the front Bumper.
  • Flattened the Pinch Weld
  • Installed a Carsound/Magnaflow Cat I purchased from 4wheel Parts, thanks to their Blue Ribbon Coalition membership gift card I got. Then replaced the missing "Check Engine" light. The Cat only lasted about 4 months.
  • Spend a bunch more money getting things fixed so I could pass inspection after owning it 1 year (don't ask me how it passed when I first bought it - I'm sure the guys who sold it to me didn't get it done legally).  Turned out the fuel system was rather dirty - almost as if someone had put dirt in the gas tank.
  • Replaced one of the inner tie-rod-ends.
  • The drive shaft fell out of the truck, and had to be "re-threaded", what ever that means.
  • Replaced Front Brakes with 2002 Sequoia Brakes.
What it needs soon:
  • Fix the Heater.  I think it's leaking, and the temperature selection knob wont turn.
  • New Catalytic converter to get the Check Engine light to turn off.
  • The seats are torn up and hard on the back, so I've been keeping my eyes open for options - probably end up pulling something out of a sporty luxury type car to give myself some nice comfortable seats.  Of course I'll probably need to get some assistance with customizing the mounting brackets.
  • The steering and front end might still need a little more fixing up, but it seems to be working well enough for now. It could probably use a full set of new bushings, and a proper alignment.  I'll get around to some day.
  • The HAM radio still isn't functioning properly. I may need to relocate the antenna and make sure it's grounded properly.
  • Finish the install on the cheap Alarm system I bought with Keyless entry (I'm not used to having manual locks) just need to purchase and install the power lock modules.
Here's my current wish list:
  • Replace the rear bumper and tow hitch as they are really quite worthless as they are right now anyway.
  • Secondary battery so i don't run down the primary with all the extras lights and stuff I want to put on it (and maybe a winch some day).
  • Rock-rails, tube bumpers, and in-bed (or tail gate replacement) tire carrier (maybe a tool box in the bed as well).
  • Off-road Lights
  • Re-gear & re-build the axles (4.56s, limited slip in the rear, selectable locker in front, wheel bearings, armor, etc).
  • Someday I'd like to supercharge it if I ever find myself with a bunch of extra money to wast. Or just drop in a newer bigger and more efficient engine and tranny in it.
  • Hopefully the transmission will hold up for a while, though it was way way over due for a fluid change when I first got it. It seems to occupational have problems downshifting when I come to a complete stop. It probably needs a power flush.  We'll see.
  • Maybe a gear reduction box some day.
  • More stuff as I think of it....


Courtney said...

we have a 99 Tacoma my husband is always working on! I'll have him read your post and see if he can offer any helpful tips!

sjhollist said...

Thanks Courtney. As you can see I've since updated the post with all the things I've gotten done to it already.

sjhollist said...

Just updated the post again today. Getting it to pass inspection this year was a bit of a challenge, but hopefully it will now work well for a few years if I just keep it maintained.

Tacoma Divorce Lawyer said...

Yikes, I've had similar problems with my 2001. But I like what you've done, I bet it looks awesome.