Department of Homeland Security warns of "rightwing extremist activity"

The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence and Analysis released a report last week called "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment" that paints with a very broad brush what a "rightwing extremist" is. In reading the report, it would seem that every person in this country could potentially be classified as being "rightwinged", or at least as far as most of the sane normal people I know are concerned.

A recent FRC "Washington Update" says:
"With more than 500 local tea parties scheduled for tomorrow's tax day, trouble really is brewing for this administration's economic policy. . . The revolt is sure to attract plenty of attention, including, it seems, that of Homeland Security. In a shockingly biased new report, the Department warned law enforcement officials to be on the lookout for "rightwing extremist activity" with particular focus on those who are "dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion..." Before long, taxes will be on that list too. Our Founding Fathers repeatedly warned Americans to resist government encroachment. An active citizenry is the best safeguard against tyranny. Conservative activism, including the brand on display tomorrow, may be a threat to current government officials--but not to Homeland Security."
Perhaps what Homeland Security really needs to put out is an analysis on how U.S. Government policies over the last few decades have created a situation were the average freedom loving Christian that made this country great, are being disenfranchised and villainized. These policies include things such as:
Every day I hope for a peaceful turn around in the U.S.A. that will bring us back to our Constitutional roots, and every day it looks more and more like we are instead headed for a the next revolution. I hope that the Tea Parties result in continuing, growing activism, but fear they will merely be another "Random Act of Liberty".

As Glen Beck put it on "Beck Talks - Episode 6" The Media will most likely paint the Tea Parties with a "rightwing extremist" view point. For that very reason I sincerely hope every one of the hunderends of Tea Parties planned for tomarrow are peaceful and otherwise uneventful.

I know some people are saying that this is just a warning about extremists, and perhaps that was it's original intent; however, be warned this is the exact kind of attitude that enables governments justify enslaving it's people. Much less has been used to justify Holocausts, Genocide, and totalitarian governments.

Washington Times Comments on the HS report

The Tax Tea Party

Just as the Boston Tea Party showed the distaste many had for the taxes that were being unfairly placed on the North American Colonies, we today have a chance to speak out in our local communities and states by having a "Tea Party" of our own:

Tax Day Tea Party
Glenn Beck's Tea Party
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Mr. Jefferson - The Mike Church Show Band

Explanation of Fourms of government

I always considered myself a Moderate, but when I first got involved in Politics, I was surprised to have so many people say I was a conservative. How could this be? Had the spectrum of liberal vs. conservative shifted so much that I was now a conservative? So I though for a while until my friend posted this on his blog:

The most important point this video makes is the one of Democracy vs. Republic. When I was in grade school I was told that our government was a Democratic-Republic. These days you hear everyone talking about the U.S,. is a Democracy. They're both wrong.

I've alway felt that we have the freedom to do as we please so long as it doesn't interfere with other people's rights.  Government is a way to help define were the line is between one person's rights and anthers.  Were those lines are draw are typically determined by the governors, who in turn are typically elected by the people.  What the constitution does for us is setup rules for the governors to follow; regardless of what the people may want.  These are what we call representation and rule of law, and they are the essence of what a Republic is.

In a Democracy majority rules, that includes mob mentality and inevitably a government doing things its people don't have the right to authorize the government to do; such as unjust imprisonment of "undesirable" people, etc.  This is a big part of what the Bill of Rights are about. Making sure the U.S. Government, that is "Of the People",  does not pretend to be given authority from the People for which the People do not have to give to it in the first place.

In other words, if  I shouldn't do something that violates your rights, because I don't have just cause for doing so, then how can I authorize my government to do it for me?  Since the U.S. government is "Of the People" it cannot gain any authority or take away any rights, that it's people do not have the ability to give away themselves.

For example, I cannot take your money from you and give it to a poor person, no matter how worthy I feel the cause is.  Therefor I cannot authorize the government to forcefully take money from you and give it to some government "Charity" or bailout program.  I may give the money myself if I so chose, but you cannot. We may decide that in order for our government to function for the common good, we need to have a certain level of taxation, but beyond that does the government really have the right to use those taxes to benefit special interests, specific groups or even private entities?  Is it really even charity if it is forced upon you?

I say no, because charity isn't the act of giving alone, it's also requires a desire to give.