Daily Archives: 2008-05-18

The Government vs. You

From: http://www.downsizedc.org/blog/2008/may/09/government_vs_you “In 1871 the city of Chicago burned to the ground. There was no FEMA or large federal funding to rebuild it. Instead, the people of Chicago rebuilt their own city and in short order it soared to new heights. In 1906, after a major earthquake, the city of San Francisco also burned down. […]

How Inflation affects Prices

I keep hearing inflation rates are only 2%, but I keep seeing sky rocketing energy costs, food costs, and don’t forget the rest of the commodities market. The Dollar keeps loosing value on the international market, while the Fed and government continues to produce more and more money through deficit spending, extremely low interest rates, […]

California Votes Dismissed by Court

In the year 2000 California Voters overwhelmingly supported a definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman. It was then brought up before the California Supreme Court as to whether that law was in violation of the California State Constitution that protects equality and fundamental rights. The text of the court’s Opinion […]

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