2001 Freemen Party Platform

We believe that a people who are free to govern themselves, and are properly educated in the matters of science religion and family, are more capable of knowing how best to run their respective societies then a single central government. We recognize the purpose and need for a central government, but believe it is to only involve itself were it's needs are greatest.

We believe that universal laws grant us inalienable rights that no government has power or authority to control, and an attempt to control such rights will only lead to contention and the destruction of good moral and social values. We believe that these rights are protected within the constitution on the United States, but are in many cases controlled and regulated to a point were the constitution becomes weakened. We believe many of these regulations are unconstitutional and unnecessary.

We believe the family to be the most basic and important unit of society, and that families primarily, but not always, consist of the nuclear type. We believe that the local society in which we live to be an extension of our families, and that this society is primarily responsible for the opportunities for self improvement, discipline, education, and nurturing of the individual. We urge all citizens to serve and honor each other, and to support leaders who do best at serving, helping, honoring and protecting their society.

We believe an individual has the freedom to do and believe as s/he may as long as the individual does not infringe upon the freedom of another. We believe that strong families and well educated individuals create strength within the society. We believe all men to be created equal in spirit, and that all life is valuable. We believe that the taking of life is only warranted to protect life and liberty. We defend and protect the right of the individual, society, and government to protect themselves from influences that would seek to destroy there freedoms and lives, or other wise seek to oppress or terrorize.

We allow the government to organize support and structure for social programs as long as such programs have been shown to be needed. They must also help to uphold and support the aforementioned beliefs and ideologies. In such, we also believe the government to have a responsibility towards the social and economic stability of the nation, and in such grant them the right to regulate and control business for the protection and benefit of the people; however, we also believe the people to have the right to check the government in such that businesses may be allowed to operate according to the needs and desires of the people. We believe that such checks are only one of many that keep the government accountable for it's actions as set forth in the constitution. We also believe the central government has the right and responsibility to protect it's societies from foreign governments, and in such we also require that it maintains, were possibly, good relations with other governments to help maintain peace and economic stability within the world.

We strive to review all laws current and new, past and present, to determine there validity and effectiveness in accomplishing our goals as a political party. We strive to rid all governments, both local and national, of any law that shows itself, in practice, to do little more then restrict the freedoms of the people. We also strive to stop any new laws that would do the same, including laws which attempt to control and regulate the constitutions of the national and local governments. We strive to give the people the ability to chose for themselves, and in doing so we suggest that they chose wisely towards the betterment of their societies.

- Posted by Seth Hollist

Should Affirmative Action be Abolished?

I have a dream, that one day our world will rise up and live out the true meaning of liberty and equality. I have a dream that one day we will longer no label each other by our race or ethnic background, but rather by our merits and culture. I have a dream that one day this world full of disrespect, unfair advantages, and pre-justice will become one united world full of respect and helpful hands.

Two score years ago, this great country of America had fallen short on its promise of inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, towards a specific group of people. These people were labeled because of the color of their skin, and were looked down on as a lower class of human being. These people were still looked down upon, just as their ancestors were, even a hundred years after their emancipation from slavery. These views were evident in the inequality of "Separate but Equal", and "Jim Crow". These people were oppressed, and many were determined to see that they remained a lower class citizen within this very country which declared freedom and equality to all.

Affirmative action was a much needed crutch for a people who were oppressed, and given little opportunity to succeed within their own communities. These were people who were fighting for a fair chance at life, and many even felt as though some retribution was needed for past transgressions. There were many who needed incentive to stop to the oppression, segregation, and hatred towards these people. Affirmative action was a means to give these people the opportunities they deserved, and reward their hardships and long fought battles for equality.

Today, this crutch has become a dependancy for many people, and they use it not for equality, but for a free ride of sorts. Many people today threaten to cry racism every time they are threatened by their own lack of personal quality and merit. Today this crutch has made the legs of those who have used it for decades weak. It is time for them to learn to stand on their own once more, and fight equally for opportunities present it today's competitive market.

Affirmative action has had its time. Additionally, I believe that racism and other forms of inequality will never disappear until we no longer label people based on race. We are ready to take to next step towards true equality and equal opportunity, based on personal merit, with no points for being part of a minority group. We must teach the next generation that such labels are meaningless, and how giving meaning to such labels is detrimental to the inalienable rights of those who thereby become the minority.

I still have a dream, and for this dream to come true, we must rid ourselves of any value placed on labels of race. Affirmative action must be declared un-constitutional, because as supporters of the constitution, we must believe that all men are created equal, and none must be given advantage over another simply based on their ancestry. This would be a major step forward towards overcoming racism.

- Posted By Seth Hollist