Beneath the Earth

Whispers echoing, flashing
Creeping within the earth.
The cave speaks the whispers
Over and over echoing, flashing.
Whispers start to fade
Getting farther and farther away.
Flashing, on and off, on and off
Creepingly they fade away
Never to return, until...
Someone speaks beneath the earth
Breaking the silence
Returning the echoing sounds of:
Hurry up, and look at this;
Let's go, and light check.
Flashlights flashing
Probing the walls
In the new and unexplored area;
Beneath the Earth.

- S.J. Hollist


A cruel word
It never works
With dictators and resisters
They continue to fight
"I don't want to write"
"You'll write, now"
With and empty notebook
Ego continues to struggle
Fighting the Tofu
Cheese from soybeans
Fruitless to wrestle
You'll get nowhere
Characters want to fight
Let them
Leave them behind
Fighters like to fallow you
Give them writing space
There complaining quickly bores
Ego can be creative
With remarkable resistance
Write about the terrible Writer you are
Tear that paper up
Then write what you want
It's a way to start
Don't wash dishes
They become diverting
Shut up
Sit down
And write
It's simple, basic, and austere
Don't complicate  it
Talk  when you  talk
Walk  when you  walk
Die   when you   die
Write when you write

-S.J. Hollist

hanging stockings

There was a man who had no place to put his stockings. he
tried to put them in his closet but it was to full. he tried
putting them in the bath tub but he couldn't shower. so he tried
hanging them over the fire place and it worked. it was christmas
morning and when he went to put his socks on there was candy in it.

a bundle is a funny thing. It always get me wondering. For
whether it is thin or wide you never know just what's inside.
Especially on Christmas week temptation is so great to Peek! Now
wouldn't it be much more fun, If shoppers carried things undone?